Monday, 29 September 2008

Sofie - aspects on being a professional rodent

Our little darling, Sofie Amalie, is a professional rodent, and she never lets us forget it. She is the kindest little girl, climbing my skirt, resting on my lap to be petted, lying on top of her cage listening to classical music with her eyes partly closed, but she has an unhealthy interest in phone cables.

Thankfully she only chews on the old ones, the room where she exercises in the evening is full of cable salad and we need to keep a close eye on her little teeth. She also used to climb the curtains. One night, as I was doing some work on the laptop, I looked around to see if she were somewhere near. The the curtain moved. Soffs was climbing, and she was two meters above the floor. She is impressive, the curtains are not made of lace, they are solid linen. Thankfully she was an easy rescue. Lately she also discorvered how to get down, she uses a technique very similar to that of a human on a ladder. Impressive, but we try to keep her off the curtains none the less.

So, little Miss Pale Carrot Fur is quite a handful. Small and light, she is a fussy eater, mostly into organic vegetables and fruit, keeping her trim waistline and wellmanicured nails. She climbs on me as well. Preferably on the inside of my skirt. She feels like Miss Acupressue though, she has a healing touch.

These are her pawprints, after taking a dive into my teacup (not hot, and just a drop left).

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