Friday, 13 July 2012

Shopping Hiatus&Trying to Be Vegan

Breaks in the shopping hiatus has been a summer skirt and a gorgeous lip gloss that has a certain "eternal" appeal" - meaning I would not stop thinking of it, if not getting it. Much too expensive if trying to be prudent, but a real color kick. Do I mind? Yes, a little. I have quite enough clothes and make up. I'm seriously trying to use what I have. Consumption has gone down and I have mostly kept to utilities, but I can do better. Mindlessness hurts.

Dior Addict 854

I'm adapting more and more to a vegan lifestyle. The daily spoon of cod liver oil is not something I find easy to give up, but I do try to avoid meat and fish to a very large extent. It felt kind of crazy when friends popped over with spare ribs at my barbecue, I didn't know what to say, but they did like the carrot soup. For me, trying to be vegan is mostly about animal welfare. The lipgloss has very likely been tested on animals too, but then I do not want to avoid all pleasures. Balance is difficult when trying to be as animal friendly as possible, see that workers get a proper pay and leave the smallest possible garbage pile behind and still love glamor, well made clothes, fashion and art. Art is necessary to retain a joie de vivre and colours, clothes, materials, yarns and makeup can most certainly be art or artful. Maybe vegan lipgloss next time? Colours are my great weakness and give enormous pleasure on an everyday basis. Sometimes I honestly don't know what to do, but I might settle on using what I have until it is worn out, recycle as much as possible and only then get new things of decent quality. Use the shampoo, then buy a new bottle, preferably not tested on animals.

That means: hopefully no more shopping when it comes to non utilitarian items, even less non vegan food, less sugar, just foods that give real nourishment to body and soul (and even better sorting of the garbage).

(And I do adore the colour of the lipgloss)


I want to walk a beach like this, looking at the surf, not owning anything to anyone for a few hours, knowing that I can do what I want within reason, knowing that I have chosen the people I love.

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