Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Oslo Graffiti 9

This little beauty was a present from a friend of my mother's in the hospital. Way too much gratitude for a little help. The patients have no one to help them doing little chores, like their shopping. I took her shopping for an hour. She had not been out for more than six weeks! We are starved when it comes to humanity. There should be a volunteer system. Or maybe families should help their elderly more? I have no answer, but not outdoors for six weeks! How is that for regaining one's health?

The Squiggle

G's father was a composer, a very good composer that was, but he had an interesting streak in his personality. He liked to be heard, but he also wanted to keep to himself. That's difficult when you work in the arts and one of the reasons I decided to go to med school. I like to play, but on my own terms. I also like to take pictures, but not of myself. It is good to be seen, but also to hide. This picture has a very common and rather boring effect, I must work on a more interesting approach.
Underneath is some music by G's wonderful father. The piece is called Welcome With Honor

Oslo Graffiti 8

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