Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Fastelavens Boller

So rose tea it is, together with "Fastelavens boller" - buns filled with cream, eaten on the last Sunday before lent.


1/2 litre soy, rice or oat milk ( I don't believe in pasteurized cow milk products and not pasteurized milk is hard to get here)

fresh yeast or a packed of dried yeast (fresh is nice)

some rapeseed oil

sugar to taste, possibly brown cane sugar (this is hard, I haven't used a recipe for years, taste the dough)

wheat flour or spelt flour until the dough gets nice and sticky (a little less than a kilo)

a little salt?

cardamom (half a teaspoon)

some seeds from a vanilla pod?

Warm the milk until 35C, mix with yeast (if dried, use a little 40C water and a little sugar to "wake" the yeast, leave until frothy and add to other ingredients)
Add other ingredients and leave to swell. Make buns on a floured surface, swell on baking plates before put into the oven.

Bake in 200C oven until brown

The buns tend never to taste the same. Use your instinct to try out a new taste.

If Fastelavens boller, cut the buns into two and put whipped soy cream in in between the halves.


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