Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brahms and Ginette Neveu

M in London told me about Ginette Neveu a few years ago, thankfully. I find her playing magical.

Shopping Hiatus Yet Again

The closets are cleaned out now. Years of knitting appeared, towels, wash cloths, new socks in abundance. We are a family of textile devotees. I need nothing more! I am actually quite shocked with what I found. So no more shopping, no more clutter hopefully. I have everything I need and more; bags, bedlinen, sweaters in abundance. I have to stop knitting! Well, maybe not woolen socks, but really .... It is time to resume the shopping hiatus - and stay that way.

Stavanger Konserthus 3

Maybe not quite enough out of focus, but I kind of like it anyhow. Roof of the Zetlitz Hall 

Stavanger Konserthus 2

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