Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.455. 

In out past News Letter No.447, we wrote that Imai sensei said, future kimono should become like old style Kosode, and I cannot get this out of my mind.
Kosode is ancestral kimono - and obi sash for kosode was much more simple and narrow.
I tried to think New kimono with Kosode style.

*Bringing back casual wear of Muromachi era(1338-1573)to our present life as New casual kimono.
*Very easily worn without folding at the waist(ohashori)
*The panels of kimono are wide enough to sit cross-legged
*No tricky obi tie needed. Narrow obi are used and you can tie in front. 

I can almost hear some people here making a big fusse--`No way!' `It is so sloppy', `You cannot call such thing a kimono!'and so on.

However, without ohashori(folding at the waist) it makes kimono dressing unbelievably easier, and wide panel can make kimono relaxing homewear.
Narrow obi will be so handy compated to stiff wider obi. Even travelling by Shinkansen or airplane will be no problem!

Sitting down on knees on tatami mattress is a style only after Edo period. The details of kimono dressing rules have been born only after WWII! 
The present fancy kimonois like a gaudy color birds in southern islands. They are eyecatching but not practical nor convenient. Kimono still exists but they are considered as if they are the representative of luxurious item. 

For the revival of kimono as everyday wear, Kosode style should be brought back.
When we think about Kosode now, it may match with working women's lifestyle. Walking in big stride anywhere in kimono-in office area in cities, in Kennedy International Airport and so on. However, kimono should have sharp style. For unseen modern new Kosode kimono, we need a talented and creative designer. 

We are eagerly waiting for Rei Kawakubo of Kimono field!

with many kansha,
Ichiro & Yuka Wada
Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA

This instead of a "Ms. Grump" today from me. Nothing like a little charm:)


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