Sunday, 25 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Here in Norway we have what we call our New Year Resolutions. I'm not sure, if this is an international thing, but these are mine:

Enjoy myself with my studies and friends

Exercise even better

Get enough vitamin D, A, iron and calcium - yes, I took blood tests, I know I need my cod liver oil (there are vegan options, I'm a bit in doubt, but have decided on cod liver oil for now after an excellent doctor gave a strong recommendation), more carrots, Ca2+ and iron - one must take blood tests, it is absolutely possible to overdose on fat soluble vitamins and also on minerals, one doesn't take supplements unless one actually needs them, and possibly test myself for celiac disease, as blood levels for vitamins are low

Be happy, take a lot of photographs and play the piano

And last, but not least, let the people I love - and Ola the guinea pig - know that I love them -- getting the message through on a regular basis :D

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