Monday, 3 June 2013

Etude Phalenopsis

G's Story - the invisible people

Guest workers from abroad came to Stavanger to work in oil. They brought gifts, according to a friend, dope and DVDs. Stavanger was a mission town back then. G met a girl, she liked experimenting with drugs. He started using, escalating to heroin. G died. In a public toilet in Oslo. He did not die of an overdose. He died because he did not have the courage to go to the doctor. He had gangrene in his arm from injecting drugs. Part of his story is that he a few months earlier got the top grade in the most difficult math/calculus one can study in a Norwegian hight school. Two percent of the students get that kind of grade.

What are we doing, forgetting everything that's important?

This plant was given to me by another forgotten person, an elderly lady who was very ill. I took her to the shops, nobody had the time they claimed, and she gave me this, I wanted nothing in return really, but I try to take good care of the plant to remember her every day.

C'Lines Whakan aka Nobu or Spinnvill


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