Sunday, 28 August 2011

Culture Night In Oslo 2011 - Kulturnatt i Oslo Musikklærerforening

My friend N and I are arranging one of the venues in Culture Night in Oslo this year. Culture Night is an all Oslo happening where different organizations show what they do and the public get in free of charge. There are arrangements all over Oslo on September 16TH. N and I arrange the one in Oslo Music Teacher's Association (venue on facebook).

N and I have been "courting" Liv Glaser for two years now, and this year we got her. She is usually busy this time of year touring. She is doing this venue pro bono for us! Liv Glaser is one of the most acclaimed Norwegian pianists and she will even bring her own fortepiano. At 6.30PM she will play Mozart and Schumann together with a soprano, Helene Wold.

Later Arild Holth will exhibit his photographs, there will be a break in the music between 8PM and 9.30PM for the exhibit. The last program, (9.30PM) is a poetry reading by Jan Bodin. Jan will bring a guitarist, Dan Heide. We are lucky to get these interesting artists.

Copyright Arild Holth
 Welcome to Kulturnatt in Oslo Musikklærerforening (link) on September 16TH if you are in Oslo! Address: Josefinesgate 15, 0351 Oslo, entrance from Underhaugsveien.

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