Friday, 20 April 2012

Haori - One Year Shopping Hiatus VII

The shopping hiatus makes me look more. Today, a rather delightful haori. It scares me to see how much of our economy that's been built by purchase a little item here and a little item there. We seem to have to make our homes more shabby chick, cuter, softer, whatever. Is it a kind of protection? Does the shopping work like a drug? What about the people who have very little?

I strongly believe in "museum quality utilitarian" that will last for years. Things that will give the greatest pleasure every time we use them - and good friends and a nice guinea pig to share my home. Ola the guinea pig may well get a little friend soon, by the way. They are social animals and we want the best possible life for him. He gives us great joy and relaxation every day. 

Link to Kimono Fleamarket Ichiroya

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