Thursday, 12 April 2012

Brave New World - one year shopping hiatus IV

My partner and I talked it over, again. He thinks it is a good idea. No more little gifts for him, but he is fine with that.

Today I went past IKEA, took a look inside and got a very real Huxley moment. "Get the IKEA card, spend now, pay later (you bet we charge interest, but we don't tell you that, at least not right now)" Cups and pans, not the kind made to last for years and years in abundance. This year's colours in gift wrapping, so easy to buy as it might come in handy - upbeat, cute and inexpensive. I got four packages of paper napkins. It is something I actually have to have for work. When having pupil's concerts we always have cakes afterwards. I've horded five packages. I wanted to get a stemmed up rosemary tree, but decided it would be shopping for shopping's sake, so no little tree. I do love the availability of beautiful things, and maybe the not so beautiful things too, but it is nice to try not to be part of the shop, throw away "garbage", shop again circle. I wish I could avoid buying the napkins, but I find it somewhat difficult to produce linen napkins for 60 people.

I think I'll stick with my grandmother's iron frying pan though. It is at least 50 years old and quite sturdy.

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