Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kate Bush Weekend - dinner and dancing

It has been the best weekend ever - my partner and my mother coming for dinner - pinnekjøtt - a western Norwegian specialty of smoked and dried lamb ribs that are watered over night and then steam boiled. Not really my thing, but once a year for the benefit of the meat eaters in the family. The meat is served with mashed beetroots and what we call almond potatoes. Almond potatoes are simply almond shaped, very delicately tasting gourmet potatoes. It is a traditional Christmas fare.

The guinea pig seems more comfortable now as he gets used to our scents. And then - Kate Bush, my partner's favorite singer/songwriter. The guinea pig got a little guinea pig twirl. Sitting on my arm while I was  gently dancing to Kate Bush, Julie London and some other music. He did make his cute "I'm content" sounds, so I guess we twirled slowly enough.

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