Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Oslo Graffiti 9

This little beauty was a present from a friend of my mother's in the hospital. Way too much gratitude for a little help. The patients have no one to help them doing little chores, like their shopping. I took her shopping for an hour. She had not been out for more than six weeks! We are starved when it comes to humanity. There should be a volunteer system. Or maybe families should help their elderly more? I have no answer, but not outdoors for six weeks! How is that for regaining one's health?

The Squiggle

G's father was a composer, a very good composer that was, but he had an interesting streak in his personality. He liked to be heard, but he also wanted to keep to himself. That's difficult when you work in the arts and one of the reasons I decided to go to med school. I like to play, but on my own terms. I also like to take pictures, but not of myself. It is good to be seen, but also to hide. This picture has a very common and rather boring effect, I must work on a more interesting approach.
Underneath is some music by G's wonderful father. The piece is called Welcome With Honor

Oslo Graffiti 8

Monday, 29 August 2011

Slightly Posh On A Saturday

I can't really contain myself, taking pictures of flowers however bad the outcome. On my way to one of Oslo's most posh florists by the way. Kuturnatt/Culture Night in OMLF needs the best possible flowers

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Culture Night In Oslo 2011 - Kulturnatt i Oslo Musikklærerforening

My friend N and I are arranging one of the venues in Culture Night in Oslo this year. Culture Night is an all Oslo happening where different organizations show what they do and the public get in free of charge. There are arrangements all over Oslo on September 16TH. N and I arrange the one in Oslo Music Teacher's Association (venue on facebook).

N and I have been "courting" Liv Glaser for two years now, and this year we got her. She is usually busy this time of year touring. She is doing this venue pro bono for us! Liv Glaser is one of the most acclaimed Norwegian pianists and she will even bring her own fortepiano. At 6.30PM she will play Mozart and Schumann together with a soprano, Helene Wold.

Later Arild Holth will exhibit his photographs, there will be a break in the music between 8PM and 9.30PM for the exhibit. The last program, (9.30PM) is a poetry reading by Jan Bodin. Jan will bring a guitarist, Dan Heide. We are lucky to get these interesting artists.

Copyright Arild Holth
 Welcome to Kulturnatt in Oslo Musikklærerforening (link) on September 16TH if you are in Oslo! Address: Josefinesgate 15, 0351 Oslo, entrance from Underhaugsveien.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Room With A View?

This is the view from my mother's hospital room. Today I helped her with her hand. It is more or less useless still. The cast was taken off two days ago. We are trying to clean it up. The poor arm likes being in water. It will take time to get back in good health, but she makes good progress.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Maybe the word is used too much in English, especially by teenagers? I used to know a very sweet girl of fourteen, the daughter of an acquaintance. She thought everything was awesome, and she was just incredibly winsome. Maybe winsome is older folk's awesome?

By the way, I think I like the word groovy more.

This one's for you, sweet Scarlett! I hope life is good. (picture)

Oslo Photo Marathon 2011 - 11


Oslo Photo Marathon 2011 - 10


Friday, 19 August 2011

Petra Olsen's Garden

This is Petra Olsen's old tree, hollow and sweet. Petra used to own the old house where the tree is part of a cute and wild little garden. I found a paper in the house with her salary at one point, NOK 5, about a dollar. It was not that long ago. Things were not grand, but Petra was kind. It is a blessed place.

Love is the answer and you know that for sure

John Lennon

Succisa Pratensis - Snapshot Of My Favorite Flower

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Enchanted Mini Break - if it is green, I'm all yours

My old friend N from the conservatory days, lives ninety minutes by train from Oslo. I go there if I need good conversation and a couple of days rest.

Last night N wanted to see her boyfriend. As compensation, I got to borrow her bike and see parts of town I never knew existed - and best of all; plenty of greenery. In my book, it can't get green enough. Here are some pictures from the bike ride taken with the camera on my phone. 

The cute bike

In Norwegian I would call this "stripa"- a place to see and be seen

From the old town
And there are fields of Brussels sprouts almost in town!

This morning I went to the hardware store, one of the old fashioned ones, the kind you almost never see anymore or have to know about to find. Ten minutes by bike and good morning exercise. In Oslo it would be an hours travel. The people here seem incredibly fit and tanned, like they are off to the beach every day to frolic in the waves. Even the elderly ladies seem like they just jumped ashore and live on raw vegetables and sun. This is a vacation town and August is beautiful. Norwegian summer is a period of grace.

Later in the day we visited Åsgårdastrand, where Munch painted several of his paintings, having coffee.
This is not the Munch Cafe (there are only two). It has very good coffee, open all year.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oslo Graffiti 7

Somehow an important part of my home. All colours need to have a touch of cream.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Oslo Graffiti 5

Snapshot from the sea of flowers and teddy bears in front of Domkirken

It took some time mustering up the energy to go there. There are flowers all over town and apparently import tax on roses is lifted.

The government high rise seen from Youngstorget

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