Monday, 31 December 2012


St. Hieronymus with his party hat - Picture taken here (LINK) - oh dear

Oh dear - how to better one self?

Vegetarian Christmas food next year. I gave in to some extent due to pressure this year, it seems somewhat hard to stomach if you do not eat meat during the holidays. How to be discreetly vegetarian/vegan? Hmmmm

Ballet class, qi gong class (the teacher just said she is doing a little ski gong in the mountains these days:), a bit of jogging, more vegetables, write an interview again, read some school books to prepare to start studying again, try to avoid anti fur demonstrations even if they are tempting, not say too many silly things :) ? Spend time with friends. Stay levelheaded. That should sum it up, more or less. And stop buying things again, after checking my work wardrobe, my makeup and finding them adequate. More shopping hiatus. Concentrate on being happy on a shoestring, I guess. Sounds good to me! Happy new year!

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