Sunday, 8 May 2011

Perfectly Graceful Bach

My Best Friend

Concert, Practice & Exam

Today my pupils had their spring/summer concert. It is a lot of work, weeks of preparation and practice for the pupils. Oslo Music Teachers Association has a beautiful house where you can teach and have concerts.


This year I decided to hold the concert early due to exams.

My office

This is supposedly Edvard Grieg, cut in wood, using a chainsaw - oh dear - "he" stands on a shelf and nobody knows what to do with him.

One of the old windows

It is strange changing one's practice, all of a sudden playing the piano is getting some of its old allure back, and I even use some practice tricks on my exam cramming (taken from a book by Burton Kaplan):

  • be impatient - if you don't get it right when having tried three times in a row, change practice strategy
  • success no matter what - have sensible goals, get rid of all traces/feelings of failure
  • try a success rate of 5 out of 10, then 6 out of 10, 7 out of 10 and so on ...
Let's see if it works on this one.

And the concert went really well today.

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