Friday, 6 July 2012

The Land - one year shopping hiatus&trying to be vegan

Having time off feels pretty glorious, the land looks lush and I turn very grateful for everything that grows. With time off, there is the possibility to go to Ultra - a huge market - by bike in the middle of the week, and I did get some fun ingredients for cooking: gourmet lentils, anise essence, organic tomato puree and organic apple cider vinegar - and - oh dear - salmon burgers. I try to be almost vegan most of the time, taking cod liver oil every day and an occasional game dinner (game had a life, running in the forrest, not being raised to slaughter, nor being fed antibiotics) maybe once a month. I also eat the occasional organic, free range egg. It all makes me feel bad, a bit like it would feel to eat my pets. I do find it difficult at this stage to turn totally vegan, although I'm very likely heading in that direction in time, maybe with an exception of the cod liver oil. I think of it as a my contribution to keeping the Earth in a better shape, it being good for my body is an excellent bonus.

The shopping hiatus is almost working, I only buy food or utilities, but I did get a summer skirt. It was really a highlight, even if I'm shrinking and it being not very smart to buy clothes. I do enjoy avoiding "headless" shopping. My vow of only eating things the nourish my body (and soul) to a real extent is working. I also believe in keeping my consumption of food on the lower side on a daily basis, though having occasional days where I eat more, especially when taking the long, tough bike rides. I will look into essential amino acids to get sorted how to get all of them properly on a vegan diet.

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