Saturday, 13 August 2011

Enchanted Mini Break - if it is green, I'm all yours

My old friend N from the conservatory days, lives ninety minutes by train from Oslo. I go there if I need good conversation and a couple of days rest.

Last night N wanted to see her boyfriend. As compensation, I got to borrow her bike and see parts of town I never knew existed - and best of all; plenty of greenery. In my book, it can't get green enough. Here are some pictures from the bike ride taken with the camera on my phone. 

The cute bike

In Norwegian I would call this "stripa"- a place to see and be seen

From the old town
And there are fields of Brussels sprouts almost in town!

This morning I went to the hardware store, one of the old fashioned ones, the kind you almost never see anymore or have to know about to find. Ten minutes by bike and good morning exercise. In Oslo it would be an hours travel. The people here seem incredibly fit and tanned, like they are off to the beach every day to frolic in the waves. Even the elderly ladies seem like they just jumped ashore and live on raw vegetables and sun. This is a vacation town and August is beautiful. Norwegian summer is a period of grace.

Later in the day we visited Åsgårdastrand, where Munch painted several of his paintings, having coffee.
This is not the Munch Cafe (there are only two). It has very good coffee, open all year.

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