Friday, 13 July 2012

Shopping Hiatus&Trying to Be Vegan

Breaks in the shopping hiatus has been a summer skirt and a gorgeous lip gloss that has a certain "eternal" appeal" - meaning I would not stop thinking of it, if not getting it. Much too expensive if trying to be prudent, but a real color kick. Do I mind? Yes, a little. I have quite enough clothes and make up. I'm seriously trying to use what I have. Consumption has gone down and I have mostly kept to utilities, but I can do better. Mindlessness hurts.

Dior Addict 854

I'm adapting more and more to a vegan lifestyle. The daily spoon of cod liver oil is not something I find easy to give up, but I do try to avoid meat and fish to a very large extent. It felt kind of crazy when friends popped over with spare ribs at my barbecue, I didn't know what to say, but they did like the carrot soup. For me, trying to be vegan is mostly about animal welfare. The lipgloss has very likely been tested on animals too, but then I do not want to avoid all pleasures. Balance is difficult when trying to be as animal friendly as possible, see that workers get a proper pay and leave the smallest possible garbage pile behind and still love glamor, well made clothes, fashion and art. Art is necessary to retain a joie de vivre and colours, clothes, materials, yarns and makeup can most certainly be art or artful. Maybe vegan lipgloss next time? Colours are my great weakness and give enormous pleasure on an everyday basis. Sometimes I honestly don't know what to do, but I might settle on using what I have until it is worn out, recycle as much as possible and only then get new things of decent quality. Use the shampoo, then buy a new bottle, preferably not tested on animals.

That means: hopefully no more shopping when it comes to non utilitarian items, even less non vegan food, less sugar, just foods that give real nourishment to body and soul (and even better sorting of the garbage).

(And I do adore the colour of the lipgloss)


I want to walk a beach like this, looking at the surf, not owning anything to anyone for a few hours, knowing that I can do what I want within reason, knowing that I have chosen the people I love.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer Lushness II

It is sunny and rainy, lush and green  - just highly enjoyable right now

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aksel Olsen

Aksel Olsen is what we in Norwegian call "en spontanhybrid". Does spontaneous hybrid make sense in English? Well, one "parent" is know, the other is not. He has the spikes of a very wild rose, he only blooms once, but then we find him irresistible. Here is some more information from this page (link):

 Raised at the Botanical Garden in Copehagen, Denmark in 1923, from seeds sent by Hortus Vilmorin, France (as Rosa helenae). Introduced by Lars-Åke Gustavsson, Sweden 1998 and published in "Rosor fför Noridiska Trädgårdar" 1998. Vigorous rambler, to 7 m. Spines, numerous. Leaves dark green. Flowers 30-100 (-300), yellowish white to white, single, 3,5-5 cm wide. Strong sweet fragrance. Hips orange red to brownish red. Once blooming, medium-late. Very free flowering. 

Little Lazy Bones, Noor

I clean every second day, but he thinks the world is a loo

Forever sleeping bag 

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.455. 

In out past News Letter No.447, we wrote that Imai sensei said, future kimono should become like old style Kosode, and I cannot get this out of my mind.
Kosode is ancestral kimono - and obi sash for kosode was much more simple and narrow.
I tried to think New kimono with Kosode style.

*Bringing back casual wear of Muromachi era(1338-1573)to our present life as New casual kimono.
*Very easily worn without folding at the waist(ohashori)
*The panels of kimono are wide enough to sit cross-legged
*No tricky obi tie needed. Narrow obi are used and you can tie in front. 

I can almost hear some people here making a big fusse--`No way!' `It is so sloppy', `You cannot call such thing a kimono!'and so on.

However, without ohashori(folding at the waist) it makes kimono dressing unbelievably easier, and wide panel can make kimono relaxing homewear.
Narrow obi will be so handy compated to stiff wider obi. Even travelling by Shinkansen or airplane will be no problem!

Sitting down on knees on tatami mattress is a style only after Edo period. The details of kimono dressing rules have been born only after WWII! 
The present fancy kimonois like a gaudy color birds in southern islands. They are eyecatching but not practical nor convenient. Kimono still exists but they are considered as if they are the representative of luxurious item. 

For the revival of kimono as everyday wear, Kosode style should be brought back.
When we think about Kosode now, it may match with working women's lifestyle. Walking in big stride anywhere in kimono-in office area in cities, in Kennedy International Airport and so on. However, kimono should have sharp style. For unseen modern new Kosode kimono, we need a talented and creative designer. 

We are eagerly waiting for Rei Kawakubo of Kimono field!

with many kansha,
Ichiro & Yuka Wada
Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA

This instead of a "Ms. Grump" today from me. Nothing like a little charm:)


Friday, 6 July 2012

The Land - one year shopping hiatus&trying to be vegan

Having time off feels pretty glorious, the land looks lush and I turn very grateful for everything that grows. With time off, there is the possibility to go to Ultra - a huge market - by bike in the middle of the week, and I did get some fun ingredients for cooking: gourmet lentils, anise essence, organic tomato puree and organic apple cider vinegar - and - oh dear - salmon burgers. I try to be almost vegan most of the time, taking cod liver oil every day and an occasional game dinner (game had a life, running in the forrest, not being raised to slaughter, nor being fed antibiotics) maybe once a month. I also eat the occasional organic, free range egg. It all makes me feel bad, a bit like it would feel to eat my pets. I do find it difficult at this stage to turn totally vegan, although I'm very likely heading in that direction in time, maybe with an exception of the cod liver oil. I think of it as a my contribution to keeping the Earth in a better shape, it being good for my body is an excellent bonus.

The shopping hiatus is almost working, I only buy food or utilities, but I did get a summer skirt. It was really a highlight, even if I'm shrinking and it being not very smart to buy clothes. I do enjoy avoiding "headless" shopping. My vow of only eating things the nourish my body (and soul) to a real extent is working. I also believe in keeping my consumption of food on the lower side on a daily basis, though having occasional days where I eat more, especially when taking the long, tough bike rides. I will look into essential amino acids to get sorted how to get all of them properly on a vegan diet.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


The Possibilities for Madcap Pictures Are Endless

No other camera in sight, and this is what happens :D - oh dear ... !! Plus one grammatical and at least three spelling errors in the title the first few hours the posting was published. Growl!

Apply for a Car? Yes, please!

Maybe I'm becoming Ms. Grump, but after a call to Oslo's garbage collectors costumer's service, I'm having serious doubts about a few issues.

Oslo's inhabitants have started sorting their garbage, we use different bags for scraps of food, plastic and everything else. They must not be larger than a carrier bag, though, otherwise the garbage trucks could get damaged (!), and if I want to turn in glass I have to walk to a usually full container and possibly dump my jam jars outside it. For dangerous garbage I need to have a car or travel for 45 minutes to deposit - which means you have to be highly motivated to do so. I'm also one of those somewhat nutty people who don't want a car due to not wanting to support an infrastructure I find almost scary. I travel by bike or public transport. There should be more carpools, having the possibility of taking out a car when in need of materials or for the weekend, not owning one when living in the city and having access to public transport. Actually I think we should have strict criteria for owning a car - like being walking impaired or elderly when living in the city. We need more exercise and seeing a line of cars standing on the highway in the morning with one person in every car when the public transport is running like it should, makes me a bit sad.

The green garbage bags are for food and the contents will be turned into bio gas, which will be used for fuel (!) and heating. We are not allowed to put old plants into the garbage as they are not good for the plant that makes the gas. The girl I talked to at the costumer's service did not know what will happen to the parts of the food that will not turn into gas either. And making bio gas! It seems a reflection of what we are already doing, how our infrastructure is not serving us, but is just being a monument to our thoughtlessness. We behave like we are endlessly rich when one billion people are starving. But  then, we will not turn around before we are forced to do so and our politicians may be more concerned about winning the next election than making some unpopular decisions. Do they not have children?

Ad for the Norwegian State Railways: Raise you hand if you vote for taking the train

Well, Mr. Cravan, I think we may have a case of the blind leading the blind again. But then I don't know everything, do I.

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