Sunday, 15 April 2012

One Year Shopping Hiatus V

Just watching the bustle feels like relaxation. I think I see more clearly not seeking the rush of buying and I enjoy deciding what I do like and do not like without thinking of buying it. I do not like much, respect for the Earth demand a high skill in the artisan, so I'm becoming a difficult customer. Flowers are a temptation though, and yarn. A friend might want me to make her a cardigan. I do not miss clothes buying, I'm off ETSY and will cancel Amazon today together with Paypal. I window shop and get shocked by how easily I used to get into the rush of a t-shirt here and a top there just because it was cute and then loose interest in it quite quickly.

A few days ago I read that it is practically considered bad form to have heating in the bathroom floor when living in Berlin. It makes me hopeful. Here it is very usual and I've been worried about not having it. Somehow comforts that are expected can be just too much. We need to get closer to nature. 

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