Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Remedies to Share?

These are my remedies. Do you have remedies to share? I love some new ideas.

  • Ola the Guinea Pig - a one kilo therapeutic fur ball and role model - as an outstanding vegetarian with the instincts of a wild animal, but still trusting - and the kindest little guinea pig ever born. I'm a true Ola-chauvinist 

  • A good cup of tea - works as a sedative, caffeine or not, probably due to so many delightful cream teas in my youth with my London friends

  • Stay-at-home days

  • Sleep

  • Water - run through a Brita/Anna mug, to overcompensate for the tea

  • Barley tea - when tired of water (lucky me, having the luxury of being able to tire of clean water!)

  • Tomato juice - very red, tasty and also bringer of fond memories (and I'm not talking about Bloody Marys here:)

  • Oranges

  • Other people - they are usually interesting and fun (and I do like my family)

  • Perfume, bath salt and essential oils - a nice, flowery scent adds a certain oomph?!?

  • The hope of being self contained at some point (but not a nasty know-it-all)

  • Books 

  • That wicked, little, non vegetarian spoon of cod liver oil I take every day

  • Vegetables&walking

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