Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Remedies to Share?

These are my remedies. Do you have remedies to share? I love some new ideas.

  • Ola the Guinea Pig - a one kilo therapeutic fur ball and role model - as an outstanding vegetarian with the instincts of a wild animal, but still trusting - and the kindest little guinea pig ever born. I'm a true Ola-chauvinist 

  • A good cup of tea - works as a sedative, caffeine or not, probably due to so many delightful cream teas in my youth with my London friends

  • Stay-at-home days

  • Sleep

  • Water - run through a Brita/Anna mug, to overcompensate for the tea

  • Barley tea - when tired of water (lucky me, having the luxury of being able to tire of clean water!)

  • Tomato juice - very red, tasty and also bringer of fond memories (and I'm not talking about Bloody Marys here:)

  • Oranges

  • Other people - they are usually interesting and fun (and I do like my family)

  • Perfume, bath salt and essential oils - a nice, flowery scent adds a certain oomph?!?

  • The hope of being self contained at some point (but not a nasty know-it-all)

  • Books 

  • That wicked, little, non vegetarian spoon of cod liver oil I take every day

  • Vegetables&walking


Kay L. Davies said...

I like a good book. I love to read "Pride and Prejudice" because it always makes me smile.
Our beautiful Golden Retriever, Lindy, is wonderful good medicine when she isn't spread out under my feet waiting to be fed. Vegetables are her favourite treat, and she wants them 10 times a day. She weighs a lot more than your guinea pig, however!

Linnea said...

"Pride and Prejudice is wonderful! I think I read it at least 10 times.

Lindy is not a vegetarian:))? She can't be, but fascinating with that vegetable habit of hers. Ola is heavily into hay these days and grows rapidly.

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