Thursday, 27 February 2014


There are moments when I feel 20 but also half-hours when I feel 965
James Joyce

My Favourite Pianist

Frost - - - gelu

The coldest place in Oslo, the university, choice of building being random. I hope I will have the energy and guts to stay on and finish my degree, as I am not perfect and never will be, even if I work my very hardest. I am at a place where I will never measure up, it feels, where I can never be the child I am at heart. I feel so out of place, even though I love the curriculum. One of my former pupils said the loveliest thing to me: "Whatever you do, you most certainly believe in us." - It is much easier to blossom if your teacher believes in you and thinks well of you as a starting point ...

Oslo Graffiti

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