Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Aksel Olsen

Aksel Olsen is what we in Norwegian call "en spontanhybrid". Does spontaneous hybrid make sense in English? Well, one "parent" is know, the other is not. He has the spikes of a very wild rose, he only blooms once, but then we find him irresistible. Here is some more information from this page (link):

 Raised at the Botanical Garden in Copehagen, Denmark in 1923, from seeds sent by Hortus Vilmorin, France (as Rosa helenae). Introduced by Lars-Åke Gustavsson, Sweden 1998 and published in "Rosor fför Noridiska Trädgårdar" 1998. Vigorous rambler, to 7 m. Spines, numerous. Leaves dark green. Flowers 30-100 (-300), yellowish white to white, single, 3,5-5 cm wide. Strong sweet fragrance. Hips orange red to brownish red. Once blooming, medium-late. Very free flowering. 

Little Lazy Bones, Noor

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