Saturday, 31 July 2010


It's quite scary trying to hold an exhibition of sorts. This blog has been a bit of this and that, but I've sort of decided to try to write about the process of learning how to take pictures. Somehow I can't really think of making them, I take them, it seems like the right word for now.

It started when I, after years of craving, got a Ricoh GX200 about a year ago.  All of a sudden I could see with the camera and go chasing after shades of green. I'm not sure what it is with the colour green and me. I wanted some feedback on what I was doing, and on a whim I sent some photos to International Garden Photographer of the Year. Then I got highly commended and ended up in a photobook. I decided it was time to learn some technique and get an even better camera. There is so much to learn and possibly a voice where I can play, having serious fun. It is like learning to talk again. And the process is all mine.

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