Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I Don't Feel Like It - one year shopping hiatus III

Today is a marvelous day. I'm finally rested enough to rest properly, but that is not my subject. 

Lately, due to my vow of doing my very best to have a one year shopping/spending hiatus, I went window shopping, considering, among other things, how much improved H&M's designs are now, and  thinking about what I'd like if going on a shopping spree. I also thought of an acquaintance who does quite a power play to be able to do his bit of getting what he wants at any given time. I remember suggesting some cucumber on his glue - sandwich (white bread and lots of cheese, reminds me of glue somehow). No, he didn't feel like it. What was I to say? It was the very best way to get someone to shut up once and for all, one just knows that there is no way of getting the point through. The king had spoken. It was all very entertaining, if not so sad.

So what I would like are a pale pink linen dress and a whole bucket of these - but then - I don't really feel like it, do I?

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