Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas E-mail from My Boss - she is splendid!

Ikke glemme at juleferien er en tid for å slappe av, gjøre andre ting og samle krefter til ny giv på nyåret!!!! J Må bare minne deg på at du må ta hensyn til deg selv i fall du selv skulle glemme det! ;-)


Do not forget that the holidays are a time for relaxation, to do other tings than work and to find new energy!!!! I just Have to remind you to take care of yourself, in case you forget! ;-)


If that's not the best Christmas e-mail ever ...


David Toms said...

I agree! I had my Performance Review today and my boss gave me a raise which he had backdated to October and paid tomorrow! We are lucky!

Linnea said...


Yes, we are!

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