Monday, 26 December 2011


A wonderful obi available at Ichiroya (link), I would have loved to get it myself, but impossible when studying.

Pictures from here (ink)

This fukuro obi is made by The First Icchiku Kubota.
It is very rare and incredibly valuable item for the kimono lovers.

We don't have enough words to describe this art work - - - you must already know that tsujigahana dyeing was phantasmal dyeing, before HE revived it.

We can know that this piece was made by the first, from the signature.

This piece is not brand new one, but it is not used and in excellent condition.
It is in the original wooden box.

(*The price tag remains in the #209017(very similar one), which reads 4300,000Yen - approx 55,800.00USD. Unbelievable!)

*Approx background color - HTML code ( 3D695F)


diane b said...

Beautiful hand work. A little too expensive for the ordinary person

Linnea said...

Collector's item & work of art.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful work. Also appreciated the recipe above. All best wishes into 2012!

Linnea said...

Thank you very much!

Very strong work. The recipe was great, we look for excuses to make it all the time.

gésbi said...

This makes my heart beat faster! Will look into phantasmal dyeing. I'm a wovens specialist but have been working with dyes this year so I'm especially interested.

Linnea said...


Linnea said...

Where can I see your work?

gésbi said...

Hi again, Hopefully on St Tyl in 2012. (Notice that side photo collection st tyl?) Talk about resolutions!

Linnea said...

I will pop over for a look later today!

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