Sunday, 26 February 2012

Breathing Exercises

As means of relaxation in the middle of my local, personal tornado, my partner told me about an iPad (or is it iPhone? It works nicely on my iPad) app which I find very comfortable and quite pleasing aesthetically as well. It feels like opening the windows in the basement and it occurred to me that my breathing muscles are a bit out of shape too. The good part is that five minutes of exercise feels just wonderful. It is recommended by Harvard Medical School too:)


ACravan said...

I will check this out. I recently bought and iPhone and I know my daughter Jane will enjoy rigging this up for me. Another iPhone (and iPad) app you might find appealing (if you don't find it tedious) is one called Awareness, which was developed by the American psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld. I've worked professionally (I'm a lawyer) with Ronit on her business and she's a very intelligent, committed person. The app and the therapy it provides have received very positive attention in the form of publicity and good reviews from health professionals and consumers in the US.


Linnea said...

No, never tedious. Thank you very much, highly appreciated.

Kay L. Davies said...

I know how effective breathing exercises can be. The last time I had eye surgery (and soon I need more) I sat in the waiting room and worked on my breathing, so I was hardly nervous at all when the doctor called me in, and I was fine during the procedure, too.

Linnea said...

That's what I wish for too, calm down.

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