Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Careless words take lives"

from sign in the London Underground during WW2


Kay L. Davies said...

It must have been so difficult, living in a country under attack. My father was in England during World War II, but he was with the Canadian Army Show. He didn't know anything more about the Allies' war plans than the average civilian, because he was a musician who also painted scenery. Still, in his uniform, he looked just like any other Canadian soldier.
How are your guinea pigs getting along together? Have they become friends. I'm looking forward to more photos.

Linnea said...

Somehow one of your comments disappeared. Not sure why.

Yes, they seem fine, better and better.

So great to hear about your father:)

Somehow, I find this always true. Careless words can kill the soul, if not the body.

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