Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Erik Bruhn's Answer to the Perennial Question: "How are you?"

"I am, only more"



Laurent said...

A happy assertion to be able to make, good to believe it of him. It certainly always seems so.

Linnea said...

He did claim that he answered thus when asked how he was in a documentary I used to watch with great admiration. He has been my favorite dancer for years. I rather like to watch his calm (and his bone structure:)

ACravan said...

I've actually heard myself saying something similar in response to a question on a related, but slightly different subject. Can't dance like Erik Bruhn, however. Or speak cleverly in another language. Curtis

Linnea said...

It is a wonderful answer he made:) I do wish I could dance, but like a ballerina then:)

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