Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday Sermon

It is everywhere, this is nothing. I see huge pieces of cardboard and plastic bags. Are we blind? I try not to become too sad. Is this an example of the theory of abundance? We must be blind, thoughtless and blind.


ACravan said...

I think you've said it correctly. We are blind, thoughtless and blind. Last night I was reading about theory (if you wish to elevate this myth or delusion to the level of theory) of "efficient markets." It's sort of the same thing. And when the blind lead the blind, the only thing that's predictable are unpredictable, but unfortunate, results. Curtis

Linnea said...

Theory is always interesting. Thank you! May I ask for a book title, if not too inconvenient?

I'm considering a little hands on garbage collection, by the way - a rubber glove and a bag. It may be good exercise.

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