Monday, 28 May 2012

Pull Myself Together Soup

I made this today, it turned out well. 

Saute onion and garlic in canola oil

Cook cauliflower, one tart apple, 1 tablespoon curry and one or two potatoes in the same pot as the onion/garlic mix with vegetable stock until tender, leave for 30 minutes (makes tastes set, according to recipe and it really was good) and then puree. Makes a fairly thick soup.
Enjoy! I did:)


ACravan said...

This is my kind of soup. I will try it. It's steamy hot weather here in Pennsylvania, so I've been making cold soups -- gazpacho (a very good, traditional recipe) and one of the many current variations on cucumber and yogurt soup with dill. I can't say whether it's pulling me together, though. Curtis

Linnea said...

Sound delicious! Dill is an all time favorite. I'm trying a variation tonight, with carrots.

Linnea said...

It works with carrots as well

ACravan said...

I'm not surprised that it works with carrots and have made many carrot-based soups. All of them were cold-weather fare, though. I will try one like yours. Our daughter is picky still eating vegetables, but she does like carrots. However, they still need to be eaten raw for her, like Bugs Bunny. Her current vegetables are broccoli and pickled okra, which is a little weird. She does consider butter to be a vegetable, though. Curtis

Linnea said...

My friend Nina and I like butter so much too. We could eat butter all the time. I hardly every do though, but shortbread and coffee and a warm summer day :)))))))))

But raw food is even better! I do like broccoli too and add it to soups all the time, okra is something I must try out. They did serve it at a vegetarian restaurant here. It was very good. Thank you!

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