Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oslo Graffiti 40

The new iPhone seems full of Kodak Color Moments


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm oh-so-tempted to get an iPhone, but keep telling myself I don't need one because I have a cellular phone and more than one camera.
But I would love to have an iPhone if it's full of Kodak moments like yours.

Linnea said...

It is certainly easy to use, and a lot of fun too. I was surprised, expecting a more standard phone. Having a macbook pro and an iPad I like the way they interact. Somehow I did like the camera on the old phone better - it feels a bit like the camera is trying to save me from myself, but I will get used to it, and I might need a little saving too:)

24 Corners said...

Your corner of the world looks just like ours at the moment! Sunny, dry, and tinges with the first hints of Fall.
Happy iPhoning!
xo J~

(I was thrilled to learn that your Guinea's new their names and understood everything you say...I told that to Miss. Ginger and she working on her listening skills now!)

Linnea said...

That's super! She understands everything:))))

Thank you, autumn is here, we are contemplating turning on the central heating:(

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