Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pet Pride II

I rather think I'm found when sitting with Ola in my lap


Kay L. Davies said...

What a great cartoon, Linnea. And I'm sure you and Ola feel the same way we do about our rescued dog Lindy, who is our "baby"!

Linnea Linneaus said...

My friend sent it, she tends to send the Daily Mutt regularly.

Lindy is a lucky dog:)

The three guinea pig boys here are a wonderful joy. Noor who is the baby, small, thinks he is very tough - thinks that is. Agamemnon who is quite cheeky and looks like a mop and Ola who is very dignified and cuddly.

diane b said...

There is something special about loving an animal and their devotion.

Linnea Linneaus said...

That's true :)

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