Monday, 7 April 2014

And Then I Won the March Round of Oslo's Medical Library's Anniversary Photo Competition - #medisin200

Kind of fun - and a nice prize - I get a book I really need:))))

Ambulance Lights 


Kay L. Davies said...

Congratulations! I'm not surprised you won. You are a very talented photographer. But I'm very pleased that you won, and very happy for you.

Kristin Linnea Backe said...

Thank you so much:))))))))))))))))))))

Laurent said...

Wonderful news and, I'm sure, a competitive field of many fine entries. I think it's especially fitting that you exploited temperature and humidity as well as the luminosities and mystery of night in a coherent, urgent, geometrically powerful composition. Much to learn from here, much to celebrate!

Kristin Linnea Backe said...

Thank you very much, you are too kind. It is a monthly competition, but with a very nice prize, a book.

Poor jury, I bombard them with macros of stethoscopes, bedside flowers, vegetal anastomosis and now pictures ambulance lights. I will have driven them out of their minds with my whimsical&sinister creations by the end of the year. The possibilities are endless.

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