Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Welcome to Cyan :salong, Jens Bjelkes gate 13-15 in Oslo for my opening of Bloom! Today I hung the pictures, and I'm happy and quite proud as it looks stylish with beautiful prints from Studio Technika here in Oslo. I'm really looking forward to the opening:))))))) Thank you to Cyan's Britta, Studio Technika and Elise Selj at Rammegalleriet for a lot of help. It all feels pretty fab!


Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Congratulations! They look brilliant in black and white.


Kristin Linnea Backe said...

Thank you very much!

Opening today and I'm excited and quite happy with the results. Good printer!! They are very competent there and have patience with all my silly ideas:)))

Too long away to come and see, but you would have been very welcome fo course :))))

Kristin Linnea Backe said...

And not to forget my frame-lady-friend - Rammegalleriet here in Oslo - she did the large ones and they look fab!

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