Sunday, 8 April 2012

A One Year Shopping Hiatus II

It is shopping hiatus time. All of a sudden it occurred to me that I can't knit, because then I would have to buy yarn (I almost wrote "yearn" here, that pretty much sums it up). I did count the homemade cardigans, and there are quite a few. I'm finishing a last carding now, soft, soft alpaca wool - I love wool and textiles far too much. I will have to feast my eyes on pictures of haute couture in the mean time and imagine the touch of silk yarn. Luckily I have a vest made with a collar made from sari silk cuttings - how's that for being spoilt?

 Somehow I imagine I will get much more time on my hands to do gardening, take photographs, read and jog if I get off ETSY, do not buy movies and get off Amazon once and for all. I also will have more money if I do not buy t-shirts on impulse, stop eating out and just stop buying my partner (sorry for that!) and myself little gifts. I will also have to empty my stash of tea, and that is about time. The general idea is more time on my hands, less money spent, less clutter in the house and a greener, less egoistical life style. Let's see how it works out. I start on the 14TH.


ACravan said...

It doesn't sound too egoistic to me. I mean, you're buying your partner gifts. And unless you're buying first editions on Amazon, you should be ok. The dining out CAN be a problem, though. But so can not dining out. Curtis

Linnea said...

I think I get your point, but I do need to cut my spending even more and it is a good exercise in moderation taken to hopefully a new level. I also get to contemplate what I have and appreciate it all. It will not stop me from inviting friend over for dinner and cakes:)

gésbi said...

This is an interesting experiment. I may take it up too, but I'll wait a bit and see how it goes for you first.

Linnea said...

I've started early, and it feels peaceful.

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