Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring Geese

Richmond park spring geese from M in London


ACravan said...

Happy Easter. Lovely, Curtis

Linnea said...

Happ Easter to you too!!

I'll tell my friend you find her picture lovely:)

Laurent said...

The shame of my appraisal of this flock hits me full force when I think of the little ones as orphans, so it was humane of M to photograph this sumptuous feast within its generational context. I suppose I should settle for going for a swim with them? Gorgeous Easter avatars.

Linnea said...

We must assume they have doting parents? A swin is not half bad, a tad bit cold this time of year, assuming one does not have feathers? I wouldn't go for it, that I know. Brrr

They are, M found them on a bike ride (M riding the bike, not the geese:D)thank you:)

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